The Masia


The house has the typical structure of the Catalan farmhouse. It has a large central room where all the rooms converge at the same level.

In total there are 5 triple rooms and 4 bathrooms. Three suite style bedrooms with bathrooms and the two other bedrooms have a bathroom right outside the room.

A large kitchen with traditional fireplace surrounded by wooden benches, where you can share and tell stories around the fire.

Large terrace with barbecue and outdoor furniture where you can eat and enjoy the breeze when it’s good out.

Table tennis and pool room (billiards) in the basement, among the freshness of the old stone vaults.

Private garden patio enclosed by stone walls where one can sit under the porch for a while to rest.

The pool:

Along the south wall of the house there’s a pool in an enclosed garden, a spacious grass zone to lie down in and sunbathe.

The park:

Next to the pool you will find a children’s park with swings and a slide for the smaller ones. Right next to this there is a grass field to play ball and run in.

The chapel:

Little private church where you can celebrate religious or secular celebrations, or just to enjoy a some silence. Keys must be asked for in advance.

The vegetable garden:

Right next to the pond that provides water for watering. You can come see our farming and enjoy the products of each season.

The Blood mill:

Traditional rock mill where olives were crushed to extract the oil. It was turned bay an animal (hence the name of Blood mill), normally a donkey or a mule. Visits must be arranged in advance.

The animals:

You will be able to see our black horses and donkey who live in semi-freedom in a big enclosure next to the house. We also have a few hens, a cat or two and a very calm dog. Also, five little goats who live in an enclosure not far from the house.


The pond

300 m from the house there is a small artificial stone reservoir dated from 1869 which collects the rain water from a stream. Full of native fish and turtles, crabs and frogs, you can see some birds, and sometimes: ducks, herons, moorhens and cormorants.

The outhouse:

A few meters away from the house there is a big outhouse reconverted into a multipurpose room of more than 100 square meters. It is equipped with tables and chairs to do any kind of activity: from meals to courses, reunions or business meetings. There are bathrooms and it can be heated when needed. It is rented separately from the house.

The tubs:

Old-fashioned ceramic tanks used for the craftsmanship of wine. You can also see the grape press. Visits must be arranged in advance.


Torrecabota is a farm with a large extension of forest and crops. You can go looking for mushrooms in autumn or to pick aromatic and medicinal plants; rosemary and thyme or savory among many others.

Exemplary trees:

Some of our trees are very old and monumental. So you can eat figs from a centennial fig tree, enjoy the shade of large oak or see a poplar with a more than 4 meters trunk.